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Why Pig Brig® Trap Systems are Your Best Defense

Why Pig Brig® Trap Systems are Your Best Defense
  • Catching just a few wild pigs at a time does more harm than good. The Pig Brig® Trap System is a continuous-catch trap.
  • Field-tested, field-proven, and designed to take advantage of the pigs’ natural instincts.
  • This Pig Brig is the easiest trap to set up and operate — and the most effective at catching the whole sounder.

Many wild hog traps can catch a single wild pig. But one pig isn’t the problem — you have to catch them all. In fact, catching one makes it harder to catch the rest. Pigs are smart and when they see one of their buddies in a single-catch trap, they learn to avoid it.

Some wild hog traps will catch more than one pig at a time — these are called “multi-catch” traps. They’re typically large metal corral traps that rely on a remotely triggered gate. They’re very expensive and difficult to set up. You might even need a team to come out and do it for you. They require game cameras, which rely on a cell or satellite signal. 

But pigs don’t travel along your AT&T service map. They forage their way across the landscape typically after dark, which means if you need to trigger a trap door you have to stay up all night waiting for them. And if you don’t spring the gate at the exact right moment, you’ve wasted your time. 

A group of wild pigs is called a sounder. To eliminate the threat that wild pigs pose to your land, livestock and livelihood, you must eliminate the whole sounder. If you’ve ever seen wild pigs, you know they don’t move in an orderly fashion. They won’t obediently file into your large metal trap — and they certainly won’t wait for you to spring a gated trap. And what about all those pigs still outside when the gate does come crashing down? They’re never coming back to that trap. 

That’s why of all the pig traps for sale, The Pig Brig Trap System is the most effective — and the simplest — way to catch all the wild hogs on your land.

The Pig Brig Trap is a continuous-catch trap

Checking single-trap boxes during the day or staying up all night to catch a few at a time gets old fast. It’s even worse when you wake up to massive crop damage caused by the hogs you missed. 

The best solution to a wild hog infestation is The Pig Brig Trap — the most effective,  field-proven, continuous-catch trap available right now for delivery to your doorstep. Our trap doesn’t depend on high-tech gadgets, cameras or gates — things pigs quickly learn to avoid. 

Our trap also doesn’t depend on your ability to close the gate at the perfect moment.  The genius of our trap is that it is simple and quiet and takes advantage of the pigs’ natural instincts. They instinctively root under the Pig Brig’s mesh walls and follow each other in. And once they do, they often don’t even realize they’re trapped. 

So you just set it, come back the next morning, and eliminate the whole sounder. Because the pigs don’t feel and act trapped, they don’t scare away the holdouts. Which means you can catch them all. 

A simple and effective way to trap wild pigs

The Pig Brig Trap is the simplest, most effective way to trap wild pigs. Without heavy metal walls or gates, it’s easy to move and set up. One person can do it in less than an hour — or half an hour with help. Unlike a bulky corral trap, the whole Pig Brig Trap fits in a 24-gallon ActionPacker tote. 

It arrives in a box — not a trailer, so you can throw it on your ATV and go. Since it doesn’t require flat ground, cell or satellite signals, you can set it up anywhere.

We said it’s field-proven. In fact, the Pig Brig Trap was designed by professional trappers tasked with eliminating large populations from some of the toughest environments on Earth. From the islands of Guam to the outback of Australia to the big boars in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama, the trap is more than field-proven. 

Our wide following of farmers, ranchers, recreational landowners — even government agencies that protect national parks and military bases — all swear by the Pig Brig.

With two layers of 8,000-pound, test-certified netting, the trap material bends but won’t break. An optional trap cap keeps in those clever boars that try to run up another wild hog’s back to jump out.

It’s so simple and effective that Pig Brig trappers regularly catch 25–35 wild hogs at a time. One of the biggest catches yet has been 63 hogs at a single time.

To protect your land, you have to catch  all the wild hogs. The Pig Brig Trap is the smartest, easiest and most effective way to do that.

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