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Trapping Around Antlered Bucks

Trapping Around Antlered Bucks

In fall and winter, bucks with hardened antlers may be attracted to the bait in your Pig Brig Trap System. You really don’t want deer getting tangled up in the trap’s netting, because you risk injuring a prized animal, and a stuck deer thrashing around will scare away the wild pigs you’re trying to trap. 

 3 Tips to Help You Help Deer Steer Clear. 

  1.  When. The time that you bait the trap is important. Once wild pigs get used to bait being put out at a consistent time of day, they’ll come and get it right away. The faster the pigs get to that bait, the less time the deer have to get some. Like pigs, deer will also acclimate to your behavior — but you want the pigs to get there first, like clockwork. If you’re consistent about when you bait, the pigs are more likely to show up on time. 
  2. Where. Don’t put any bait in the skirt of the Pig Brig — keep it well inside the trap, more than three feet from the edge of the skirt. You want wild pigs to commit and go into the center of the trap for that food. Also, you don’t want deer moseying halfway in and getting those antlers tangled up. 
  3. How. Transitioning the trap from the elevated conditioning phase to the lowered set phase matters. When you’re done conditioning and ready to set the trap, lower it ultimately. If you lower the trap incrementally, the deer may keep trying to get under a half-lowered net, which can tangle up their antlers. 

We hope these tips help you keep antlered bucks out of your Pig Brig trap. For more help to keep antlered deer out of your trap you may want to check out, Hey Bub, This Ain't Deer Camp!

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