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"No reluctance to trap entry..."

"I am a retired wildlife biologist (32 years service) with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. In the piedmont region of SC, where I live and work, feral swine populations have reached all-time highs. My neighbors and I have used various methods to kill pigs and reduce their damage to our properties. Shooting, dogging and some trapping had not put a dent in the population. I was contacted by my friend, Tony DeNicola in December 2019 about our pig problem. He was fine-tuning a new concept net-type trap and needed a place to finish the design. I provided him with six locations on my neighbors and my property. The locations were far enough apart to target different sounders of pigs. Trail cameras were installed and monitored on all sites.

"Tony set up sites where he could use night vision technology to actively observe pig behavior in and around the traps. Some design adjustments were done and we were set. I am sure some of the pigs had seen standard steel paneled traps before. This new soft system does not cause any reluctance to trap entry. We were very successful in eradication of pigs in the areas we trapped. Tony left a trap for me to use when he left. I caught two sounders in two locations. The trap is easy to transport on an ATV and easy to set up and take down with the aid of a t-post driver to put it up and a lever-action t-post puller to take down. The count of dead pigs went to 99."

- Bob H, Sr., White Oak, SC


Testimonials are provided by actual Pig Brig customers based on their experience with the Pig Brig Trap System and shared with permission.


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