Trap Cap
Trap Cap
Trap Cap
Trap Cap
Trap Cap

Trap Cap

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This slick add-on accessory to the Pig Brig Trap System ensures that pigs can't climb out. It attaches to the T-posts, just like the Base Net Trap, and will keep a lid on things until you arrive.  Easy to carry and set up. It's a great addition to the Pig Brig Trap System. It weighs 11 lbs and packs into a basketball-sized container.

This 1' x 2' wide / 20' diameter Trap Cap comes with 30 - 2.5" carabiners on the edge and 6 - 3" carabiners on the seam.

Please note:

- The Trap Cap covers only 30% of the trap area. 

- Non-target wildlife are typically able to exit the trap.

All netting is treated with UV inhibitors that protect it from wear and tear as well as ultraviolet degradation.


Care Instructions:
If any of your net products get torn, you can patch them with zip ties or heavy twine.

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