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Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE
Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE
Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE
Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE

Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE

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While you don't need a camera for your Pig Brig Trap to function, we always recommend using a trail camera to gather as much intel as possible on those sounders tearing up your fields.  

Our trappers have tested and reviewed loads of game or trail cameras. While looking for the perfect camera to recommend, we explored: ease of use, price, image quality, and ruggedness.  

Pig Brig is happy to offer one of our favorites, the Spartan GoLive 2, as a happy companion to your trap.  

Choose a cellular carrier, we offer cameras compatible with Verizon, AT&T or Multi-Carrier*, and you'll finally see where all your bait has gone.

The Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE cellular trail camera features a new wide-angle lens and industry-leading live streaming. Its compact, nature-resistant design has simplified switches & control buttons, a front-facing LCD screen, and a built-in metal pitch-angle bracket to make it easy to deploy your trail camera in the field. You can maintain your setup with a removable cartridge-style battery tray and the option to use external power. Once deployed, you can live stream up to 30 frames per second, quickly retrieve HD photos and videos, and update your camera remotely through Spartan's Camera Management App.

*If Multi-Carrier is selected, the data plan must be purchased through Spartan.  


  • Live streaming up to 30 FPS
  • Trigger speed as fast as 0.4 seconds
  • Wide-angle lens with a 96° FOV
  • Dual Blackout Infrared Flash
  • PIR detection range up to 80 feet
  • Internal 5300 mAh lithium battery
  • Tamper-resistant anti-theft GPS
  • Compatible with micro SD cards

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