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Pig Brig XT Trap System
Pig Brig XT Trap System
Pig Brig XT Trap System
Pig Brig XT Trap System
Pig Brig XT Trap System
Pig Brig XT Trap System
Pig Brig XT Trap System

Pig Brig XT Trap System

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Get the ultimate feral hog trap – the Pig Brig XT Trap System.

The Pig Brig XT is an all-in-one patented solution for feral hog trapping. The XT includes everything you need to trap feral hogs: the Base Trap Net and Boar Shield with Easy Pull Cable Seam, the Trap Cap, and the Hardware Kit. It's easy to use, simple to transport and set up, doesn't require cell service, and is truly multi-catch. Comes with a user manual that shows how to set up the trap.

Please Note: T-posts are not included. You might not always need them, plus they cost a bundle to ship. Choose 7 ft. T-posts for softer soils and 6.5 ft. T-posts for harder soils. Mesh bag is not included with trap.

Here's what comes with this trap system:

  1. 1 x 20’ diameter Base Trap Net with an Easy Pull Cable Seam and 5' wall height
  2. 1 x Boar Shield
  3. 1 x 2' wide sewn-in or clip-on Trap Cap (choose one)
  4. 1 x Hardware Kit includes 24" ground anchors (12), ground anchor driver (1), anchor stakes (5), double hooked cam straps (10), T-post mounts (10), and zip ties (10).
  5. 1 x Pig Brig Manual packet

    Features include:

    • Sewn-in or clip-on Trap Cap
    • Beefy Boar Shield that is abrasion-resistant and treated for UV protection.
    • Easy-open net seam to allow trailering or net placement around vegetation.
    • Net has a dynamic drop strength of over 8,000 ft-lb.
    • Awesome on-call Trap Support team and materials.

    What's the difference between the Pig Brig Trap System and the Pig Brig XT Trap System?

    The only difference is the Pig Brig XT Trap System includes the Trap Cap (either the removable clip-on model or the sewn-in model). That's it.

    Other details:

    Depending on your setup, you'll need to get a few items available at your local hardware or feed store (e.g., T-posts, T-post driver, 1/2" nut driver, mini-sledge hammer, leaf rake, trail camera, and corn).

    Care Instructions:

    If your net products get torn, you can patch them with zip ties or paracord.

    Special Orders:

    Have a large order (6+ systems), are a government entity, or need International delivery? Get pricing.

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