Pig Brig Traps are in high demand! Delivery can take up to 14 business days.

Pig Brig Trap Systems

These are the feral hog traps you've been waiting for Pig Brig™ Trap Systems with easy, fast, one-person assembly, lightweight transport, and no need for cell service or subscriptions. You can catch all night long and still get a good night’s sleep with the Pig Brig trap.

What are the differences between the Pig Brig, Pig Brig XT, Professional, and Boar Stopper Trap Systems?

The Pig Brig and Pig Brig XT are our newer Trap Systems. Based on lots of field feedback, we've upgraded some features on these models. These systems include: 
  • Full-length sewn-in Boar Shield with hog ringed bottom for piglet protection
  • New abrasion-resistant Boar Shield material with better UV protection 
  • New stronger top rope for reduced stretch
The only difference between the Pig Brig and the Pig Brig XT is that the XT includes a sewn-in or clip-on Trap Cap. That's it. We think the Trap Cap is pretty darn handy.