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Winning in Winnsboro, SC (Pig Brig: 46, Pigs: 0)

Winning in Winnsboro, SC (Pig Brig: 46, Pigs: 0)

Two weeks from bait on the ground to 46 pigs dead. The Pig Brig Trap System gets it done.

This property in Winnsboro, South Carolina, had a real pig problem. The pigs were rooting up hay fields and taking money out of the pockets of the landowners. Hunting just wasn't cutting it, so they called in the pros.

With the help of the landowner, one trapper used three Pig Brig Trap Systems to kill 46 hogs in two weeks. The landowner hasn't seen a hog on his property almost a year later. Pig Brig stops feral pigs.



Testimonials are provided by actual Pig Brig customers based on their experience with the Pig Brig Trap System and shared with permission.


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