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About Pig Brig

About Pig Brig

We designed the Pig Brig Trap System to catch feral pigs.

Our mission is to help you stop your feral pig problems with an easy, effective solution.

The Pig Brig Trap System comes in two configurations:

  • Pig Brig Boar Stopper Trap System includes the Base Net and Boar Shield. The Base Net and Boar Shield are core to our patented trap system. This trap will hold large pigs and doesn't need cell service.
  • Pig Brig Professional Trap System includes the Base Net, Boar Shield, and our Trap Cap. The Trap Cap keeps that rare athletic pig from getting over the trap wall. 

The White Buffalo team developed the original Pig Brig Trap System during a feral hog eradication in a fenced area on Guam. The biologists couldn't dig, place any metal objects into the ground, or do anything that disrupted the soil due to the unexploded WWII ordinance. They began hanging nets from trees with remotely triggered gates and quickly found that the pigs were more likely to go under the net than through the gate. Since then, we've upgraded and modified the net to make it more robust, changed the mesh sizes, so hog snouts don't get caught, upgraded the hardware to simplify the design, and modularized the system to ensure lightweight and fast setup. 

White Buffalo Inc. is a wilderness conservation non-profit organization, started in 1995 and led by Tony and Vickie DeNicola. White Buffalo has accomplished many significant field research and management projects, including work in the Galapagos, the Channel Islands, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

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