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Vickie DeNicola


Vickie founded and launched Pig Brig Trapping Systems in 2020 with the purpose of bringing farmers, ranchers, landowners, and conservationists a better solution to the wild hog problem. Her field tested experience in numerous wildlife-related research and management projects brings a unique perspective to this challenge. She worked at White Buffalo Inc., alongside Tony, for many years and currently serves on the Board. 

Vickie has many years of senior leadership experience from well-known organizations, including The Walt Disney Company, Hasbro, and ESPN, where she was focused on innovation with new technology. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and she has led teams that received two Primetime Emmy nominations, with one win.

Vickie received an MS in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University. She’s currently a PhD student at the University of Trento C3A/Fondazione Edmund Mach where her research is focused on the use of biologging data to answer questions about animal movement, behavior, and resource usage, as well as the application of technology and techniques to address human-wildlife conflict. 

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