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Shannon Veeder

Customer Support

Shannon enjoys working with people and helping them by providing an economical, conservation-friendly product that does what it's supposed to do! She likes working with the team at Pig Brig because we are encouraged to help one another and have a sense of humor about our work. Her career in Education is very applicable to Pig Brig. She spent 15 years trapping/containing kids (some might call them pigs on spaghetti lunch day). Her customer service experience is well practiced after dealing with parents on managing their kid invasion, the best methods for containment, what kind of feed to use to attract them, and how best to dispose of the waste. She enjoys helping customers by providing information about the product, where to find that information, or who they need to speak with when there are questions she cannot answer. She can also assist in placing orders or answering specific questions about an order. She enjoys listening to customers' trap success stories and encourages them to share them in our Facebook Owner's Group.

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