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Pietro Pontiggia

Manager, Business and Conservation Initiatives (EMEA)

Pietro is our man in Italy. He is a Wildlife Biologist who came to Pig Brig through working with Vickie and Tony on a wild boar project in Italy. Pietro received a BS in Biological Monitoring and a Master’s in Management and Conservation of the Environment and Fauna from the University of Genoa. He loves the simple brilliance of the trap system. He enjoys helping our customers to find solutions for their wildlife issues. You can rely on him to be knowledgeable in all aspects of wildlife management, particularly wild boar. His research and teaching experience has enabled him to share his knowledge with and learn from customers simultaneously. He has gained experience as a wildlife manager and researcher, specializing in monitoring and trapping activities and using tools such as Thermal Imaging Cameras and Camera Traps. Contact Pietro if you are in Europe and need to find a solution for trapping or suggestions about wildlife management. He can also support Pig Brig in its European Business Operations and brings his passion for working with wildlife and his technical knowledge gained over years of fieldwork. He lives in Genoa, Italy, with his wife and young son, who also enjoys Pig Brig Team meetings!

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