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Proper Baiting and Conditioning

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The Pig Brig Trap System In Action

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Case Study: Winnsboro, SC

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Does it hold big pigs?

The Pig Brig Trap will catch and hold the largest hogs out there. We’ve consistently handled boars weighing in around 400-lbs., for more than 12 hours with no problems.

Is the Pig Brig Trap System difficult to setup?

The trap system can be setup by one person. Each trap comes with detailed instructions and we have step by step videos to help you at any point. Additionally, if you have any questions during the setup or trapping we have real, live people ready to help answer all your trap and trapping related questions. Simply call or text 1-833-PIG-BRIG or send an email to

How long will the Pig Brig Trap System last?

It depends. All netting is treated with inhibitors that protect it from wear and tear, as well as ultraviolet degradation. Environmental conditions, amount of use, and lack of care can cause more rapid deterioration of the material.

We expect the net to last about five years. It’s possible it could be longer, or with heavy use, it could be less time. (See video on storing and maintaining your trap system.) Replacement accessories are easy to find. If you need other replacements, check our site or give us a call. We can help..

You mention the Pig Brig Trap is multi-catch. How does that work?

The pigs seem to perceive the net like they would vegetation. They aren’t leery of it and don’t seem to realize they’ve been trapped until you show up (or they sit for a longer time in daylight). If they see other pigs in the trap feeding, they keep pushing in (see video).

No slamming gate means they aren't startled. It also means wild hogs can enter all night, allowing you to catch the whole sounder or more.

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