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Seamless trapping with user-friendly setup, engineered for durability and multiple captures in even the most remote locations.

Bundle Includes:

  • The XT Trap System

Trap + Camera

For those who prefer to watch the action, this bundle includes an optional real-time monitoring camera.

Bundle Includes:

  • The XT Trap System

  • 1 Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE Camera

Trap + Camera + 2nd Site Kit

Perfect for multiple sounders: our simple, versatile trap system covers various sites with ease. Ideal for extensive land management.

Bundle Includes:

  • The XT Trap System

  • 2 Spartan GoLive 2 4G/LTE Cameras

  • Hardware Kit with Wolf Fang Anchors

*Prices valid through June 1, 2024

Hog Trapping Help Center

Curious about what's in the box with your trap, or just itching to get started on your hog-trapping adventure? Our Support Page isn't just a help center; it's your secret weapon in the war against wily swine.

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