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Free Webinar with Ryan Farney

Feral Hog Program Coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Live Webinar | December 14, 2023 | 7PM CT/ 8PM ET

Changing the Landscape of Arkansas Feral Hog Management

In this Pig Brig Webinar, Aaron Sumrall, Director, Outreach, Education & Research, will be joined by Ryan Farney, Feral Hog Program Coordinator for the State of Arkansas. Ryan will share his experience with wild hogs in Arkansas and details about the new Arkansas Cost-Share Program.

If you are an Arkansas landowner of 100 acres or are part of a cooperative with at least 100 acres, you will want to attend this webinar to learn how you could be eligible for 75% reimbursement up to $10,000. We look forward to seeing you and answering all your questions.

Special Guest

Ryan Farney, a graduate of Northeastern State University with a bachelor's degree in integrative biology, Ryan furthered his education by completing a Master's degree in natural resources. His Master's research was concentrated on feral hog population management in the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. Embarking on his career path, he started with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Concervation. In 2020 he assumed his current role of Feral Hog Program Coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Since taking this role, he has been actively engaged in reducing the feral hog population across various terrain in Arkansas, spanning both private and public lands. His work has been dedicated to curbing the impact of these animals on the local ecosystem.

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