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Pig Brig Trap System Manual

Download a PDF version of the 36-page Pig Brig Trap System User Guide you can print out for reference. Get it now.

Quick Start Guide

Download a handy two-page how-to instruction sheet you can take with you out to the field. Get it now.

Parts List

Download this Parts List to make sure you've got a handle on what's in the box before you head into the field. Check it out.

Pig Brig Trap System Set-Up Videos
Watch and learn as Tony DeNicola, developer of the Pig Brig Trap System sets up the Trap. In most cases, one person can set up the Pig Brig Trap System in about 40 minutes!

Please note: mesh bag is not included with trap.

The Pig Brig Trap System can withstand a lot of pig damage, but occasionally you will get tears in the net. Small tears (~2-3 mesh squares) can be repaired with zip ties or hog rings. Just watch those types of repairs for stress on the surrounding mesh squares. Larger tears can be repaired with a patch kit and lashing techniques. There are loads of good net repair videos on YouTube. See video on repairing a net. We are working on videos specifically for Pig Brig Traps, so stay tuned. Here's a PDF that demonstrates the lashing technique. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a shout. If something crazy happens, we will get you help or a new net.

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