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Pig Brig Trap System Manual and Quick Start Guide
Want to take the instructions with you or print them for reference? Here's a PDF version of the Pig Brig Trap System Manual. 

Download the Pig Brig Trap System Manual

Download the handy Quick Start Guide

Pig Brig Trap System Set-Up Videos

Watch and learn as Tony DeNicola, co-founder of the Pig Brig Trap System sets up the Trap. In most cases, one person can set up the Pig Brig Trap System in about 40 minutes!

Chapter 1: Unboxing Your Pig Brig Trap System


Chapter 2: What You Need In The Field


Chapter 3: Site Selection and Considerations


Chapter 4: Assembling Your Pig Brig Trap System


Chapter 5: Behavioral Conditioning


Chapter 6: Set The Trap For Capture


Additional Instructions: No T-Post Needed - Forest Setup


Additional Instructions: How to Attach a Boar Shield


Additional Instructions: How to Prepare the Pig Brig for Loading Pigs


Additional Instructions: How to Close the Pig Brig Trap Seam


Additional Instructions: How to Euthanize Pigs in Your Pig Brig Trap System


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