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Free September Webinar with Mike Bodenchuk,

State Director for the Cooperative Texas Wildlife Services Program

Live Webinar | September 21, 2023 | 12 - 1:30 pm ET

Wild Pigs: Silent Carriers of Disease

Do you know the dangers that wild pigs can pose to your health, livestock, and the environment? Wild pigs are a fascinating but often underestimated animal species. They roam freely in many countries and carry various pathogens that can impact their population and that of humans, livestock, and other wildlife. It is vital to understand the potential health risks associated with wild pigs and how to minimize their impact.
In this Pig Brig webinar featuring Mike Bodenchuk, State Director for the Cooperative Texas Wildlife Services Program, you’ll learn:

- The most common pathogens
- The impact of wild pig diseases
- How to prevent the spread of disease

This webinar is a must-attend event for anyone interested in wildlife conservation, hunting, livestock, or land management. We look forward to this insightful and engaging discussion on wild pig diseases. Don’t forget to bring your questions!

Special Guest


Mike Bodenchuk is the State Director for the Cooperative Texas Wildlife Services Program. The program serves the agriculture industry in Texas by providing predator and feral hog management, bird damage management and beaver control. Additionally, the program protects wildlife and other natural resources, provides urban wildlife damage assistance and protects the public by minimizing wildlife at airports.

Mike’s professional interests include feral hog management, predation management and predator ecology. Mike lives near Hondo, Texas.

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