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White Buffalo, the conservation-focused nonprofit led by Tony and Vickie DeNicola, developed the Pig Brig Trap System. The trap came about during a feral hog eradication in Guam. Our biologists couldn’t dig, place any metal objects into the ground, or do anything that disrupted the soil due to unexploded WWII ordnance. So, they began hanging nets from trees with remotely triggered gates and realized it was easier to get the pigs to go under the net than through the gate – thanks to the pigs’ rooting behavior. Since then, we’ve upgraded and modified the original Pig Brig Trap with an advanced patent-pending design. Learn more about the origin story here.

A team of wildlife biologists working on worldwide conservation projects developed the Pig Brig Trap System to make their lives easier (and accomplish eradication/removal work). This team focuses on conflicts with overabundant or non-native deer, goats, pigs, and elk. Their projects usually require the removal of every last animal (or many animals) from an island, a fenced area, a neighborhood, or a national park. This takes quite a bit of work. It's not the first 100 animals that are difficult, but the last 10 take 90% of the effort. That’s the heart of the Pig Brig Trap System – to enable you to catch every last feral pig out there. Learn more about how it all started here.

This exclusive, patent-pending trap system comes in two parts.

The Pig Brig Trap System starts with the 60-ft. long Base Net. This 20-ft. diameter hoop net is a multi-catch trap that will hold pigs until you arrive the next morning. Layered on top of the Base Net is the Boar Shield. It reduces potential damage to the Base Net and is replaceable. The 51-in wide x 60-ft. long interior net is sewn to the Base Net and creates a protective inner layer.

This trap system comes with all necessary accessories for trapping, except T-posts (they’re too heavy to make shipping economical – and you won't always need them). The system is easy to set up and transport, and you can catch pigs all night without a cell signal. There is no gate and the pigs can enter from any direction.

The Pig Brig Trap System is designed to weather the elements. All netting is treated with inhibitors that protect it from wear and tear, as well as ultraviolet degradation. Be ready to bring home the bacon, rain or shine. It’s a life sentence.

The Pig Brig Trap System is designed to weather the outdoors and has 10-year UV protection - ready to bring home the bacon, rain or shine. It’s a life sentence.

Get the Pig Brig Trap System here.

The Pig Brig XT Trap System is the top of the line. You’ll get the power of the Pig Brig Trap System, including the Base Net, Boar Shield, and all accessories, plus the addition of the Trap Cap. While not everyone will need the Pig Brig XT Trap System, it’s the best way to maximize your catch, especially for heavy use. If you have a low tolerance for losing a pig, this system (with the Trap Cap) will stop the rare athletic or lucky one that can get over the top of a 5-ft. wall.

Learn more about the Pig Brig XT Trap System here.

This slick addition to the Pig Brig XT Trap System ensures that pigs can't climb out. It attaches to the T-posts, just like the Base Net Trap, and will keep a lid on things until you arrive. It weighs 11 lbs. and packs into a basketball-sized container. Easy to carry and sets up in five minutes, it's a great addition to the Pig Brig Trap System, for when pigs fly …or at least when they try to jump the top. It comes sewn-in or clip-on to the Pig Brig XT Trap System. You can always add it later if you order the Pig Brig Trap System. Learn more about the Pig Brig Trap Cap here.

Ideally, it would be best to handle the pigs before first light, so they’re calmer and easier to euthanize. If you can’t handle the pigs first thing in the morning, then you may want to consider buying a Trap Cap (or getting the Pig Brig XT) to ensure that pigs can't climb out. We wouldn't recommend arriving after first light. If it’s going to be a while until you can get to the trap to handle the pigs and you have soft soil, we suggest using 30-36” rebar, placed inside the trap at the same angle as the anchor stakes, with 6” out of the ground in between anchor stakes. These inner stakes will prevent any pigs from rooting under the netting on the ground when they’re bored for an extended period. Place the rebar stakes 6-8” closer to the T-posts than the anchor stakes.

You can get a pack of 12 ground anchors here.

You can purchase them here, or you can get muffler clamps – just make sure they fit the T-post and are the same size as your first set. We don't want them to slide down the T-post.

Yes! The Pig Brig Trap System is easy enough for one person to set up in under an hour. That's fast! And no, you don’t have to ask a friend, neighbor, or your kid to help (although, we always think it’s more fun with friends ... and maybe a few beers). As you’ve probably experienced, setting 10 T-posts takes a lot of time and energy (that’s where friends come in handy), so that’s the bulk of the setup. A word of advice: your first setup is always the hardest, so plan for extra time, read the provided instructions, watch the videos, and call us or text us for any questions.

Pro tip: We suggest leaving T-posts, T-post mounts, and ground anchors in place for easy setup in the future. Pick up another set of T-posts mounts and ground anchors, as it may not be worth the time and effort to remove the hardware, especially when you might have pigs re-establish in the future. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up the trap once the T-posts, T-post mounts and ground anchors are in place.

It’s quick! The Pig Brig Trap System is easy enough for one person to set up in less than an hour. We admit, your first time will take a bit longer, but once you see it set, you’ll be able to get it done in less than an hour. You can watch Tony assembling the Pig Brig Trap System here.

Extremely! And, this will blow your mind: the Pig Brig Trap System fits neatly in a 20-gallon tote and rides conveniently in the bed of your truck or ATV. From Texas to South Carolina, Germany to Japan, the Pig Brig Trap System can go anywhere you need to go. Someone even said they transport their trap in a five-gallon bucket. Put it anywhere, get pigs everywhere.

The Pig Brig Trap System weighs only about 60 lbs. – not including T-posts. This means you can take the Pig Brig Trap System just about anywhere – it fits neatly in a 20-gallon tote and rides conveniently in the bed of your truck or on an ATV. If you have a remote site, you can even backpack it in (we've done it!).

Heck no! The Pig Brig Trap System is fully independent and, unlike other high-tech traps, doesn’t require cell service or a subscription. The trap is the technology here. Pig Brig also doesn’t require active monitoring or remote activation via a camera –you can have a good night’s sleep, wake up, grab your coffee, and find your captured pigs when you visit the trap in the morning. So, get out there and make some bacon for breakfast!

While it’s easy once you’ve done it once, you might need an assist the first time around. You’ll receive our manual with your purchase, plus we have instructional videos and on-call support – we’re always happy to help via phone or text. Check out Tony assembling the Pig Brig Trap System here.

You could give it a shot, but good luck with that. Our exclusive, patent-pending design takes advantage of the natural behavior of wild pigs. We’ve honed the design of the Base Net, Boar Shield, and Trap Cap with the accessories to restrain pigs until you can take them out. The Pig Brig Trap System is the result of field development in trapping situations, designed by determined people seeking solutions for real-world situations. It has been tested and customer-approved. So, sure, you could try it yourself with a net. Or, you can get the exclusive Pig Brig Trap System and rest easy knowing you have the best opportunity to catch the entire sounder and solve your pig problem.

The Pig Brig Trap System should solve all of the complaints we’ve heard about your other traps. It’s lightweight and portable, able to be carried on an ATV into the most remote of areas. Unlike other metal gate and fence traps, the Pig Brig Trap System can be set up by one person in about an hour . Really. There’s no metal (other than a few hog rings and quick links), so incoming pigs won’t get spooked and run off when one of them slams into a metal panel. And, there's no concern for ricochet through the net.

Plus, unlike other traps, you don’t have to stay up all night with remote cameras waiting and hoping to activate the trap door with your cell service. The Pig Brig Trap System requires no cell phone or remote activation; there’s no subscription or extra costs. Use it again and again as it’s truly multi-catch – pigs keep coming and they won't get out until you come to get them. A Pig Brig Trap System can help you get every last pig – and let you rest easy.

Ahhhhh, we like sleep, too. The answer is no! We have designed the Pig Brig Trap System to work without any cell phone or remote activation required. The trap is the technology that takes advantage of feral pigs’ natural behavior; the pigs walk into the trap, can't walk out, and wait for you to return whenever you’re ready to come back – morning coffee in hand. Then, it’s time to get in the truck, boys.

It’s a cool feature and one we like to talk about. The pigs seem to perceive the net like they would vegetation. They aren’t leery of it and don’t seem to realize they’ve been trapped until you show up (or they sit for a longer time in daylight). If they see other pigs in the trap feeding, they keep pushing in. It's great to watch on camera if you feel like it, but you don’t need to be up at night watching and waiting. 

Is it really? Let’s break this down. It’s true multi-catch, so you catch more pigs with each set. You can use it over and over, reducing the average cost per catch. Each set can catch up to 30+ pigs. It’s lightweight and portable at 60 lbs. (not including T-posts), fitting in a 20-gallon tote, taking one person on average around an hour to assemble. There’s no subscription or cell service required, so scratch that monthly cost out of the equation. No subscription also means you can sleep easy, without having to stay up all night watching those cameras, or getting cell phone pings from your favorite raccoon.

The Pig Brig Trap System quietly keeps all the pigs in and none out, so they’ll be waiting for you. Plus, with every Pig Brig, you get on-call support (1-833-PIG-BRIG) from the team that developed it. We’ve already heard from customers who are happily saving hundreds to thousands of dollars in bait, in crop damage and in livestock damage, after their first catch. Try the Pig Brig Trap System with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Let us prove to you how well it works.

The top of the T-post must be 5’ from the ground regardless of the total post length. We recommend 7-ft. tall T-posts for sandy or soft muddy soils, while you can use 6.5-ft. tall T-posts in the firmer ground.

It depends on how much exposure they’ve had to hunting and trapping. More naïve pigs can be conditioned in a few days, whereas “educated” pigs may take more time. We had one customer who conditioned for two weeks, but then got all his pigs.

Deer will feed around the trap during the conditioning phase, but we haven’t had any deer get hung up in it once the trap is set. We've heard of folks needing to go let them out. Just make sure once the trap is set you keep all your bait in the center, so animals aren't feeding against the edge of the net.

As with raccoons, bears can simply climb in and out. They might cost a lot in corn, but it’s unlikely they’ll damage the net. If they do, give us a call and we will surely help.

You can back a trailer up to the trap as the T-post spacing is ~6 ft., the same width as most trailers. If you'd like a narrower opening, simply place an 11th T-post when you assemble the trap (in between the seam post and its neighboring T-post). You can then disconnect the seam to allow pigs to exit the trap. When assembling, you'll need to add a hooked cam strap to the top of each T-post at the breached section to hold the posts stable and add cam straps to keep the net wall attached to the gate T-posts. Check our videos page for a video on trailering.

Ground anchors are disposable and cost under $2 each to replace. We also recommend leaving the T-posts if the trap site will be useful as a long-term trapping location. T-posts cost about $5 apiece, so it’s more time- and cost-effective to leave the T-post mounts and ground anchors; $50 per trap site. This way, you can hang the trap any time pigs come to bait at each location. It only requires 10-15 minutes to hang the net.

It depends. All netting is treated with inhibitors that protect it from wear and tear, as well as ultraviolet degradation. Environmental conditions, amount of use, and lack of care can cause more rapid deterioration of the material. We expect the net to last about five years. It's possible it could be longer, or with heavy use, it could be less time. Replacement accessories are easy to find. If you need other replacements, check our site or give us a call. We can help.

The videos speak for themselves, with numerous boars weighing over 300 lbs held for over 12 hours. Take a look at our Facebook page or YouTube channel for happy customer stories.

You can, and it’s safer than trying it with a metal corral trap. However, we recommend walking up to the trap and shooting over the top rope. Check our videos page for FAQ on euthanasia in the trap.

We’ve observed that about 1-2 in every hundred pigs handled get lucky and get over the top rope. We have developed the Trap Cap to prevent this from happening, if you’re serious about trapping and holding every pig. You can buy the Trap Cap as an accessory or it comes sewn-in to the Pig Brig XT Trap System.

Larger boars can occasionally cut the net when their tusks get caught. This is more problematic if the net’s bottom is stuck in heavy clay soils, giving the pigs leverage to cut it. The Boar Shield is designed to be damaged and simply repaired to address these infrequently occurring situations – standard with every Pig Brig Trap System and Pig Brig XT Trap System.

We've made repairs simple. We include heavy-duty zip ties to reconnect the cut twine, or you can use p-cord.

That's the Catch Club! We LOVE seeing your stories about every catch, every time you win. Share your story, tell us what worked, any tips you have, and show off your pics/videos! Share your testimonial here 

For any undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging, along with the original receipt (or gift receipt) within 60 days of the date you received the product. We’ll give you a refund based on the original payment method. We’ll even pay for shipping if you aren’t happy with the trap. Learn more about the returns policy here.

When we receive a valid warranty claim for a product purchased from us, we’ll either repair the relevant defect or replace it. If we can’t repair or replace the product within a reasonable time, the customer is entitled to a full refund upon the prompt return of the product to us. We will pay for the shipping of repaired or replaced products to the customer and the customer will be responsible for the return shipment of the product to us. Learn more about the warranty policy here.

We’re starting with a referral program to keep partnerships simple until we move further along with production and marketing. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, check the footer for a link to our wholesale page ... we've got a handy form that will send us your information.

We find whole kernel corn works just fine. Let us know if you find something else that works well for you so we can share with the Pig Brig community!

We call our customers the Pig Brigade – fighting hard in tough conditions to beat back the swine bomb of feral pigs. Our customers are working hard to take down the pig population.

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