Pig Brig Professional Trap System
Pig Brig Professional Trap System
Pig Brig Professional Trap System
Pig Brig Professional Trap System

Pig Brig Professional Trap System

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It's the ultimate feral hog trap – the Pig Brig Professional Trap System – priced at $280 off.

The Professional Trap System includes everything you’ll need to get started: the Base Trap Net and Boar Shield with Easy Pull Cable Seams, the Trap Cap, and the Hardware Kit. It's easy to use, simple to transport and set up, doesn't require cell service, and is truly multi-catch. 

Please Note: You'll need to supply your own T-posts. You might not always need them, plus they cost a bundle to ship.

Here's what comes with this trap system:

  1. 1 x 20’ diameter Base Trap Net with the Easy Pull Cable Seam (and accessories needed for the net)
  2. 1 x 51" wide / 20' diameter Boar Shield with the Easy Pull Cable Seam (sewn into the Base Net)
  3. 1' x 2' wide / 20’ diameter Trap Cap with thirty (30) 2.5" carabiners on the edge and six (6) 3" carabiners on the seam
  4. Hardware Kit:
    • Choose Hard (20") or Soft (24") anchors for your Hardware Kit depending on your soil type.
      • Hard Ground Anchors should be used for harder or rocky soils where penetration is difficult. These anchors can provide support for 6.5' T-posts with a 20” cable and smaller anchor plate.
      • Soft Ground Anchors should be used if you anticipate sandy or soft, muddy soils.  These ground anchors are made with a 24” cable and a larger anchor plate. Use 7' T-posts with this soil type.

    What's the difference between the Boar Stopper Trap System and the Professional Trap System?

    The only difference is the Professional Trap System includes the Trap Cap. That's it.

    Other details:

    Depending on your setup, you'll need to get a few items available at your local hardware or feed store (e.g., T-posts, T-post driver, 1/2" nut driver, mini-sledge hammer, leaf rake, trail camera, and corn).

    All netting is treated with inhibitors for protection against wear and tear, as well as ultraviolet degradation.

    Care Instructions:

    If your net products get torn, you can patch them with zip ties or paracord.

    Groups, Military, International, Government, and Tax-Exempt Rates:

    Shopping for a group (4+ systems), need international delivery, or have a tax exemption? Get special pricing


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